Manaakitanga is my favourite word for 2019. Besides having a certain musical ring to it, it also has a myriad of meanings which embody blessing, grace and compassion. When I started sketching my drawings back in 2012 for Sonrisa, I had envisioned this iterative process but had no idea that it would emerge into aspects of curriculum design. I love this latest version, which I use for taking through the students the Digital Technologies design process and gives them the permission to scribble and refine their own ideas.

The Consolidation Stage

At Year 9, the student consolidate their knowledge acquired in previous years and discover how information travel back and forth from the Mars Lander and have an ability to explore a bit about the solar system, the Earth’s orbit and Mars. As they experience 3D modelling, a virtual Mars terrain and landing,  they will have a better idea of how to recognise  Human Computer Interaction. Working in teams they can plan how their vehicle will be manoeuvred to capture information about Mars.

The Exploration Stage

Games have incredibly complex multimedia and graphics that come together to tell a story. By the time they are in Year 10, the students are ready to collaborate and communicate with their peers, to apply their problem solving skills to build a game. Although the mechanics are simple, their concepts and storyboard carry powerful messages. This year we are drawing on examples like ‘Oat the Goat‘, which is an interactive story platform developed by the Ministry of Education.

Our involvement with the Paediatric Ward, to develop an iconic character is in it’s second iteration and we are now beginning to involving industry specialist to help us out. As the students get a better understanding of manaakitanga, they can build it into designing better user experience for our  own learning community.