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Providing a Future and a Hope

Greymouth 2015

This was the first time I was driving over Arthur’s pass and it was breathtaking! I had been up to Hanmer Springs from Middleton Grange for a school camp but never ventured to the West Coast and excitement was brewing in air. I am writing this retrospectively and my hind sight is definitely 20/20. Winter in New Zealand is beautiful  at its best but driving over the Alpine roads was absolutely magnificent. Each turn was full of surprises and the snow glistened and beckoned by the valleys and the road side.

I was once more driving to become a part of  school community and the promises were endless. Greymouth High School had just started it’s digital journey and with my diverse understanding of eLearning and lessons learned, in a variety of school and refugee communities, I was interested to see the progression they had made so far. The Manaiakalani project was just starting and Toki Pounamu, its West Coast flavour, was in its infancy; Chromebooks were creeping into classrooms and the visibility of learning journey was the talk of town. I was right at home!

Having inquired about a Church, I wandered into Greymouth Baptist and met Shaun and Sharon, who had worked in Bangladesh with Interserve for a year, the agency that I worked with in Jordan-needless to say we hit it off at once. My heart and passion has always been to bring communities together so that they can pool their resources to provide the best possible learning journeys for their children. In the transitional Greymouth Baptist community, I found the desire to open up their doors to the lesser served people and I once again felt I was in the right church, even though it was 1/10th the size of the one I had attended in Christchurch.

Waka It is 2019 and this year is rife with hopes and aspirations. Greymouth High School has a well established foundation with Andy England at its helm, with us all rowing in the same direction in the Waka. Our students are beginning to think of the school as their learning space and are finally able to dream of futures that are shaped with the help of mentors, coaches and managers who often go above and beyond their call of duty.

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