Education Matters

Providing a Future and a Hope

Phase 1


The aim of Sonrisa is to provide the teacher and the student with a sophisticated, interactive tool to map and monitor progress on a daily basis, taking into account the co-evolutionary development of education and technologies (Davis et al., 2013) in the 21st century. The tool is envisaged as the main platform to provide an online learning network for resources of instructional strategies and assessment( SONRISA), for teachers to build learning capacity in their students.

School Roadmap

This is also a capacity building tool to equip educators and leaders to use innovative data management processes for systematic forward planning. In view of the existing plethora of commercial, social and data management tools, the challenge for educators is not just to collect data but establish rigorous evaluation systems for analysis and improvement of student achievement; thus informing the mapping and delivery of individualised learning.

Our planned staggered next step, it to use the pilot study being done by Nader Shnoudi, ( as the base platform for Sonrisa) and develop the interactive tool with feedback from live classrooms and use the feedback and input from the teachers as the innovators and the developers in the classroom. We want to build it with sustainability in mind and establish  SONRISA as a viable system in the unique ecological environments called schools (Davis 2008). The interactive, game-based nature of the tool will allay the anxieties of the use of the Learning Management System (Hackbarth et al 2003), both on a personal and pedagogical level. Designed as a model for engaging the students and gathering snapshots of their learning, Sonrisa MS will endeavour to approach teaching, learning and assessment from a ‘school of the future’ based perspective. Based on a digital storytelling concept, it will capture the learning journey of the students so that they can be curators and authors of their own literature.

We are looking ahead into the future and predicting where the classroom learning will be if Sonrisa is used as a learning management tool. It will definitely disrupt learning!



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