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Although education data science is beginning to provide a fresh filter to manage the ubiquitous and progressive aspects of technological integration in the classroom, there is still a long way to go before it bridges a gap between the critical future competencies and values of the intended curricula and the way teaching, learning and assessment can be delivered and captured in the time of a crisis, like the Covid pandemic. Educational leaders are faced with gargantuan tasks as they make critical decisions about future trends to resolve pedagogical, technological and ethical debates of decision making and moral dilemmas about schooling for the underprivileged children in India who have lost almost two years’ of their learning. Marge’ah Limited using the Sonrisa Management System™ to provide educational consultancy to Viva India, aims to use an heuristic(problem solving) and agile(using iterative cycles) approach to evaluate and monitor the use of instructional strategies, assessment for learning and feedback for students in the Sonrisa Learning Centres from Grade 1-3 over a 3 year period.

It is recommended to stagger the pilot study and apply it in six different locations and diverse institutions; starting with Grade 1 in Uttrakhand for a quarter and after a period of evaluation, extending it to the next city. This will establish the ability to rigorously track, monitor and evaluate the resources, instructional strategies and the assessment for learning, utilising the Sonrisa Management System for baseline and endline data management and reporting.

Key Deliverables 

Before the programme commences, communicate online with and determine baseline learning needs of students in Pre-primary and Grade 1 with centre leaders and  educators. 

Before the programme commences, collaborate with CSpathshala and Viva India to establish the professional development needs for the educators.

Provide an initial report on the learning needs of the students and provide the key work plan and outcome indicators with key targetsConduct the initial 4 week sessions to refine baseline data, establish key online processes for collecting snapshots of learning with Centre Educators and Centre Leads. 

Provide monthly Sonrisa Management System Workshop (online and/or f2f) with support from CSpathshala for Centre educators, consultants and partners

Provide in class supports and Professional Learning Workshops (PLW) for Centre Educators for identification and analysis of anecdotal and snapshots of learning data for assessment and reporting 

Provide 1:1 support and evaluative reports for the school leadership teams to track and manage change based on students’ learning and wellbeing needs

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