Education Matters

Providing a Future and a Hope

The SONRISA MS™ Project

Watch This Space


Sonrisa, in its initial stages, is trying to develop an interactive game based platform to engage students in their learning. It is intended to be a dual language platform for the MENA area to  train teachers through the use of technology. Designed as a journey, it is intended to be a ‘drag and drop’ platform to enable ease of use for grabbing instructional strategies to link with learning objectives, learning tasks and portfolio snapshots of daily assessment.
We have recently applied for the All Children Reading Grant , but regardless of the results we are beginning to implement the platform in its rudimentary stages.
To build capacity and keep costs low we are working alongside of IDEAS to provide a media rich library system using the ‘Koha’ platform, based out of New Zealand.
As a group of volunteers, our desire is to put a smile (Sonrisa in Spanish) on the face of underprivileged children by providing them a hope for the future, through education.

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