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Jordanian School

Narrative from Nader Shnoudi, developer of ‘The Solutions Unit’ , an interactive learning management system.

The Solutions Unit has been introduced to a catering Institute in the last academic year and a  primary and secondary school from the beginning of August. Nader Shnoudi and Aleta Chowfin, along with other programme developers, educators and Apple retail agents have endeavoured to track, tweak and implement changes to the system based on research and the needs of the teacher and students in real time.

This are the musings, thoughts, struggles and triumphs of Nader as he heads the project in some of the Jordanian schools.

” The School Staff depends on us to set the education trend which is a huge responsibility and a couple of teachers have started using it directly in class. As this process enfolds, two main features have emerged as the star ones a further request was made for tow additional features to be added to the system.

This is the first time we worked with fourth graders and it was an interesting experience; the teacher had shown them previously how to open the TSU App and thereafter it was referred to as the ‘Yellow App’. The reaction when we opened the scribble screen was amazing, you could see the excitement of the students and the high desire to engage with something that they considered as fun. However, I have realised that students at this age adapt to technology even if it is ‘boring’. The need of an App control was evident that as many students kept closing the app to play a game. The voting feature became a trend and young students kept asking the teacher when she was sending the next question.

The older students, in the High School, directly started trying to hack the iPad and install torrents and jail breaking Apps. The iOS update adoption rate was unexpected as lots of students came up with an update iOS version for the iPad on the next day. Applying updates to the app was a challenge especially for young students. Lots of times, the teacher had to do it for them.

Lots of teachers felt at home with the tool and doing a group training was very helpful in making the weaker teachers try more and even ask colleagues to be able to catch up.The teachers love to hear stories and scenarios from within the class or an exact scenario on when to use a specific tool

From here, the teachers started using other tools and even invented a way to correct worksheets on the student iPads. They also started pushing to use videos in presentations.They started innovating ways to use the scribble and broadcasting tool by allowing student to draw the answer on the teacher’s iPad that reflected directly on the students iPads.

This is the first year for the App being tried in the two schools and it is a challenging but exciting journey. If fact the excitement has been picked up by the teachers and now they are demanding more features; sometimes I struggle to keep up with them. However, I am looking forward to using this predictable information as we look at setting this up for the next school.”

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