EDEM630-Measuring and Addressing the Concerns around the Introduction of Digital Technology #SP4Ed

Processing My Thoughts

As I begin to pull together my learning on the various Models of Change and their application, I have enjoyed linking them in to make sense in my current scenario. It has helped bring clarity to the why’s and how’s and the next steps of the process of change.

Here is a link to the document; Concerns With Fundraising Using Social Media

I am at the Dead Sea, in Jordan, taking a break before the academic year starts in a week’s time. I am just sneaking in to have a quick look around and introduce myself to everyone and will join in on the conversations tomorrow. I thought I would add to this post as it gives you a snapshot of where I am headed with my research.

2 thoughts on “EDEM630-Measuring and Addressing the Concerns around the Introduction of Digital Technology #SP4Ed

  1. Hi Aleta,

    This has come a long way and I can see the refinements in your thinking. Well done. You’ll need to keep the change lens on hand to avoid the allure and temptation of putting too much emphasis on the fundraising, crowd sourcing and social media components. In EDEM630 – our prime interest is understanding change with digital technology in education, Keep the focus and you’ll be on track to researching an interesting yet relevant topic in your context.

  2. Thanks Wayne,

    It had definitely been a very valuable process. I do appreciate the pointers and feedback to help me further along this journey; I will continue to zoom in more and shift focus from the fundraising to the educational changes in play with the digital Technology around the research.

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