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Hay Park HW Programme

In 2006, after finishing off my Graduate Diploma at Auckland University, I started my first teaching job at Tirimoana primary School in Te Atatu. It was fantastic to be a part of such a vibrant and thriving community which allowed me to explore the richness of the new Zealand curriculum as it began to find its way into the classrooms. The link with the environmental programmes, Genesis Energy and Cools Schools to make learning authentic in a cohort of schools.

However, the reason I went into teaching was always to provide support and equity to the ones that could not access this learning from a myriad of reasons. Starting off the Homework programme was as easy as walking over to Greg Liston at Hillsborough Baptist Church and saying that I wanted to help with providing learning capacity to the children who needed help with their homework. Sandy Rai, the Deputy Principal at Hay Park gave us the green light and a few teachers and volunteers from church headed out each Tuesday for an hour and a half. This was to help with homework, assist with projects and provide a snack.

Having worked alongside Villiami Latu  at the Maths centre at Hillsborough had a great impact on me and helped tweak the programme for the students at Hay Park.

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