Through a series of hands on projects students will explore the possibilities of using the Sustainable Development Goals to design a solution for a particular goal to suit their community. These could range from a game to educate, aerial drone photography for the school website, 3D models for a school model with an environmental focus, a drone specifically designed for supermarket or farming use or a business product for the elderly. This will include research, planning in scrums, working with your group to prioritise your sprint backlog and a presentation of your idea to your stakeholder that you have identified.

Term 2 has seen us remotely access our learning from our homes so we will be focusing on our computational skills. You will be designing an algorithm for your project using a visual programming language. You can use Gamefroot or Scratch for it. As you write some code for your game or project ,that performs a specified task, you will be able to start finding ways to make it better with feedback from your friends.