The arena that Whitman functions is diverse in nature; it is isolated by the fact that is independently governed by a board. However, it is globally linked in to organisations and an international accrediting body, which allows it to function and contribute to the global 21st century workforce. It has a diverse demographic representation, which is indicative of the global educational institutions in the region and now more so in the Western world due to migration of the workforce for both developmental purposes.

The 14 different nationalities at the school are now experiencing an extremely heterogeneous Americanised educational, which needs to be assessed in the changing world of technology in the educational arena. The understanding therefore is that the technology is not driving the change but the capacity to learn has expanded therefore the need to provide a more robust and relevant learning environment to foster growth and development of the student to fit into the world, is not only required but imperative.

On reflection on the new emerging literature reviewed,  the need to incorporate the research into the school ecology was made evident. It is further highlighted by the framework, which shows the progression from a competency in acquiring the knowledge not merely on a superficial level but one of depth so that the student has the ability to utilise it to create and innovate independently of the school environ and become a lifelong learner. As Whitman grapples with these progressive steps, it is on this track of reviewing this from different levels; for an ecological perspective, in the classroom, in  Jordan and globally.

On a personal level, the growth of my journey and my research, has gone through many iteration; I have recognised the need for using models to tack and implement change . The maturity in thought that has emerged , however, must not be viewed from an ” I have arrived” perspective but rather from a viewpoint of stretching and making it more robust along my learning journey, which is for a lifetime.