Global trends in education

This has been an interesting process; sifting through information and deciding whether something will be a trend or shift into the archive room as just a good idea. Manoeuvring through the various predicted trends from various sources, I have identified a few that just jump out of the page at you.

  • Open source learning-MOOCs
  • Learning analytics
  • Mobile devices
  • Personal Learning Environments
  • Content Marketing: An emerging Educational Apps market
  • Cloud Technology
  • 3D Printing
  • Redefining financing for education-apprenticeships
  • Alternate credentialing
  • Remote Learning Labs/Virtual Learning Labs
  • Tools to help with navigating, managing and sifting massive data
  • Self Publishing

Jeff Cobb  talks about providing an experience rather than just content to enable life long learning. As I see it; it is about providing someone with a future and a hope!


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