EDEM630-Whitman’s Global Learning Arena

As you are beginning to realise that I have a tendency to use the analogy of a journey to any of my learning; this is because it allows me to utilise it and make it pertinent to the context that i am working in.

I have found the process of mindmapping and analysing the arena I work in absolutely brilliant and suddenly I have a visual online representation of the many links that form the complex world of Whitman. I deviated form Davis’ (2012) Arena of change mindmap because it will allow me to continue to add to my synapses as my research develops. However, I am also in the process of making a powerpoint which gives a bird’s eye view of the Whitman’s Learning Arena.

In the meanwhile, I have tried to embed this ‘Brain‘ and failed miserably . I am in the troubleshooting mode so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I have a suspicion I might just have to upgrade WordPress.

2 thoughts on “EDEM630-Whitman’s Global Learning Arena

  1. Is your “brain”mindmap or a single image? or is it more like a prezi in that the viewer navigates around? To be able to view the programme i would have needed to join, hence the questions. If I ever have an image or page I really can’t transfer elsewhere I have resorted to a free app called jing. It will capture images and video, download them and save them, so you can embed them elsewhere. I found I couldn’t embed a powerpoint with audio into Blogger, so gave up, just used the images, and entered the text. Don’t know whether this rambling helps or not, but if you find a way to embed video or audio I’d be interested too.

  2. Thanks Lesley,

    The ‘Brain’ is a mind map and I didn’t realise that you need to login to view it; thanks for mentioning that so I can change it. Yes for now, I think the way to go is with a static image. I have used Jing and it is a good software but I thought since the ‘Brain’ is interactive it would bring things to life by providing the link. 🙂

    I have asked a friend to help me sort out the issue with embedding; will send you the information once its fixed or plugins added. I have traced it down to plugins which are available on WordPress.org ( the school site is run on this and I can embed on it) but WordPress.com has some issues with it. However, I think it still is okay to imbed videos from Vimeo and You Tube, through the media button.

    Thanks for your ramblings; they did help because now I know there is an issue with embedding and hopefully can come up with a solution.

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